You begin to fly

when you let go of self-limiting beliefs and allow your mind to

rise to great heights

The Theta Healing Technique

What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a meditational, energy healing technique designed to change the subconscious mind. It’s powerful, fast and effective.

The technique was developed by Vianna Stibal a little over 20 years ago. To see the founder Vianna, talk about exactly how it works, watch her video here

Theta healing can be used to address any physical/mental or emotional conditions and to create positive change in your mindset, money, relationships: basically any area of your life where you are not currently experiencing what you desire or where you are struggling.

I use theta healing with my own coaching clients to clear belief systems and patterns that are standing in the way of their creating the business success and lifestyle they truly desire.

How can Theta Healing help you?

Some of the issues I have worked on with my own clients include fears around visibility, lack of confidence, not feeling good enough, fear of next steps in life or business, manifesting love, manifesting money, manifesting success, worrying about what other people think, money issues…and other areas where you are not where you want to be or struggling.

Theta Healing can be used for a wide variety of challenges including depression, confidence, anxiety, stress, negative thoughts & emotions, fears, anger, lack of motivation, relationship problems, weight gain, addictions and resentments, guilt or jealousy.

How does Theta Healing work?

We create our own reality. We are constantly sub-consciously thoughts, feelings and energetic information and the energy we project out is sent back to us via the law of attraction and creates the life we are living.

We can change our lives by changing the beliefs, which are held in the subconscious mind, 90% of which we are completely unaware of.

Limiting and negative beliefs stored in the subconscious are behind why there are certain blocks and obstacles in our lives that we just can't seem to overcome.

Muscle testing, known as kinesiology, allows the practitioner to establish what negative beliefs are held in the subconscious mind and, by connecting with Source, or Creator, in a Theta state, they are able to co-create change on a subconscious level within ourselves and other people in order to clear these limiting beliefs and feelings.

The Theta brain wave state is one of deep meditation such as we experience just before sleeping and just after waking, and that is also achieved in hypnosis.

Theta Healing is a wonderfully powerful system of self development and healing which cuts right to the core of what's limiting our ability to enjoy life. It allows us to access the sub-conscious mind and change beliefs, thoughts and programmes which no longer serve us. These can be replaced with beliefs that support a healthy and abundant life.

What happens in a Theta Healing session?

Sessions usually take place over video Skype (in person available in Ibiza), and you come with your top challenge to work on, well hydrated and set up with your laptop in a quiet, undisturbed place.

I will work with you to identify and clear the blocks that are causing challenges in your life.

The sessions are part dialogue and part energy healing.  I use kinesiology or muscle testing to check for the limiting beliefs you are holding. There’s no guesswork here – your body will tell us what beliefs your subconscious mind is really holding!

We explore how holding on to this belief is serving you.

I then clear these beliefs, and replace them with positive beliefs. As the practitioner I go into the theta brainwave and command that these beliefs are changed. We then confirm with muscle testing that they have changed

During the session I will be asking you questions. Then you close your eyes and I simply tap into the subconscious mind and command Creator to make the changes necessary. Client typically feel relaxed at this point and may feel energy moving, or hot or cold sensations.

After a session, my clients often feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. They feel calm and at ease. Tangible benefits may be immediately obvious, but quite often I see and hear about changes 2 weeks after the session when the work has integrated. The effects can be incredibly profound and transformational. I have been blown away by the effects of theta healing for myself and my life, and it's an integral part of my transformational coaching work with clients.

How do I prepare for my session?

Arrive for your session well hydrated and avoid alcohol for 24 hours before.

Set up your laptop so I can see you clearly.

Be open to and ready to heal!


My theta healing session with Polly went deep into the places where I needed healing. I was amazed at how rapidly we accessed long-buried memories and beliefs, bringing them out from the darkness into light.

Polly has a kind and respectful presence that I find really trustworthy. She guided me with confidence and clarity through our one-hour session, responding in a highly intuitive and sensitive way to the information that was revealed.

Together we uncovered a major stumbling block in my life, one that’s held me back for decades, and she worked her magic in order to clear away some long-held, negative beliefs. Now that these have been addressed in a sub-conscious as well as a conscious way, I feel freed of their hold over me, and lighter as a result.

I would definitely recommend this type of healing to anyone wishing to get into deeper contact with their subconscious, and to access and heal limiting belief systems that no longer serve them. This method feels like a fast-track to greater clarity and freedom, while being very gentle and non-invasive in its approach.

I now feel ready to move forward, in a much bigger way. Thank you, Polly!

Wow! Thank you Polly for that totally incredible THETA healing session we just did. I am blown away. I cannot believe how deep rooted beliefs can be. The beliefs I held make so much sense as to why I kept reacting in the same way that I just didn't want to act anymore. Powerful powerful healing, I feel transformed, thank you. I am soooo excited to see what the next few weeks bring now. I cannot recommend it highly enough! You're doing amazing work, thank you!

After our session I just burst into tears for a few hours… allowing all the sadness to come… it lasted 2 days and I am feeling much more at peace. The session was fantastic, really helped me a lot. You are a wonderful practitioner, super tuned, intuitive, and assertive!

I can't believe how different I feel after our Theta healing session. I have more energy and I feel like I have a weight lifted off my shoulders. All the worries I had around marketing myself and putting myself out there no longer seem important. I finally feel like I'm worth it and I can do it!

I started working with Polly during a period of huge transition in my life. I had recently started working with my husband and I felt there was a deeper meaning behind our communication issues. I was also struggling with my health and energy levels which were sabotaging my work productivity.

Polly uncovered some deep seated beliefs around my own self worth that I would never have consciously discovered. She also discovered a connection between health, love and finances where I had been unconsciously self-sabotaging.

In just 2 sessions with Polly, I've felt some INCREDIBLE SHIFTS.

We no longer argue at work, my energy lasts all day, and I am seeing huge shifts in our business momentum, even though we haven't changed our strategy!

Got an online sale while in our session!!! Woot woot!! Almost $4k!

That was an amazing! So powerful!

(Client goes on to make $14k in the 3 days after the session once we had cleared her blocks to making money)

I just HAD to email you while the Theta session was so clear in my mind. I’m stunned, truly that was amazing. Life changing. What a very special gift you have. I came into this session with an open mind and I’m absolutely amazed by what just happened. I’m so grateful – the timing was perfect, everything was perfect.