Are you ready to take your Life & Business to the next level?

IF YOU run your own business or are looking to become an entrepreneur, AND HAVE DREAMS OF realising your true potential - MAKING 6 OR MULTIPLE 6-FIGURES WHILST LIVING A LIFE YOU TRULY LOVE - THEN I AM HERE TO PERSONALLY support & MENTOR YOU

Outwardly you are confident, and people see you as successful, but inside you still feel not good enough and doubt if you have what it takes. Perhaps you know you are worth more, but you can't seem to charge your worth or make your business as successful as you would like?

It might look successful from the outside, but inside you just don’t feel fulfilled.

You’ve been a high achiever in the past and you know what it feels like to be successful, but you got stuck, and you can’t carry on like this. You need to find your direction again and get back in momentum.

Perhaps you’re right in the middle of some major life challenges or changes right now – or you have already overcome some big things in your life - either way, you know what it feels like to triumph over your past and you know you can do it again... deep down you know it’s possible for you to have more, be more, do more.

Have you reached a plateau in your life or business and wondering what's next?

Deep down maybe you know you are still hiding your true self from the world... past experiences have left you a little bruised, and you’ve lost your confidence & clarity about what you really want. You're wondering whether it's really possible for you.

Do you have a big dream for a business inside of you but you just can't seem to get it off the ground?

Maybe subconsciously you’re even blocking your success... scared of how big it could get, what your friends or family will think... maybe you are wondering whether you’ve really got what it takes to be that powerful and successful woman.

Are you wondering deep down if that big life is really possible for you?

Behind every


Is Herself

It's time to face the truth. The truth is, old fears and beliefs are holding you back from fulfilling your potential.

So how are you going to get there? You need powerful support.

95% of what holds you back is in your subconscious mind and when you receive the support to transform these beliefs, the sky's the limit for you.

The amazing lifestyle on your vision board, the dreams of sunshine, beautiful homes, recognition in your field and abundance in every area of your life – it’s all possible for you. It’s all waiting for you…

You have everything you need inside you, but this old stuff is clouding the view…it’s holding you back from fulfilling your true potential and creating all the abundance you desire.

It’s been hard trying to figure it all out on your own, and now you’re ready to be supported at a deep level by a powerful and soulful coach who can guide you to the transformation you so desperately desire.

Together we will map out your big vision, and a path to getting there. I will uncover your mindset blocks, transform them with powerful energy work and coaching, hold you accountable to powerful inspired action, and you will take off and soar...

She turned


and her

Dream into a Plan

Case Study with Ria Mishaal 

"Polly is extremely perceptive, and she sees right the to heart of an issue. She was both kind and firm, helping me challenge old thinking over and over. She quickly identified those stories I told myself that held me back and taught me how to think differently. That was the truly powerful thing about mentoring with Polly. She didn’t just help me though the specific issues I was tackling at the time, she helped me learn how to be a stronger, more confident, more efficient business person and woman.

My bookings went up by 50% year on year, and now, six months after completing my mentoring with Polly, I have the same number of bookings that I did this time last year but with a booked income nearly 86% higher.

On top of all this, Polly helped me take action on a new project I have been wanting to do for years. I have now a team of four working on this exciting new venture, a registered company and trademark, a fully developed website and a launch date set. I COULDN’T HAVE IMAGINED HAVING THE CONFIDENCE TO DREAM SO BIG and take action on those dreams this time last year. It is staggering how much I have achieved in the last year, both under the guidance of Polly, and with the new mind-set and ways of being that she helped instil into me in our time together.

Now, rather than feeling overstretched, I spend truly quality time with my family everyday, and I am happier and healthier and more joyful"

- Ria Mishaal



Your Past


  • 6 Months of Private Coaching: 18 x Private Coaching Calls with me (3 sessions per month). 
  • I combine powerful intuitive transformational coaching & mentoring with deep clearing of subconscious beliefs & energy healing for fast and permanent shifts. 
  • Both options include direct and unlimited email access with me for support during office hours

3 x sessions a month (first 3 weeks of the month). I believe it is the combination of private transformational coaching & energy work that makes the number one biggest difference in the miraculous, fast growth and transformation that my clients achieve though working with me.

You will have email access to Polly for support between sessions for the duration of your Programme.



Beauty and Abundance

My experience of coaching with Polly has been LIFE CHANGING FOR BOTH MY BUSINESS AND MY PERSONAL LIFE. It has been ONE OF THE BEST EXPERIENCES I HAVE EVER INVESTED MY TIME, SOUL AND MONEY IN. The latter almost fades in significance.

- Zosia Zacharia

I have made significant gains in my business and IN THE FIRST 90 DAYS WITH POLLY I BROUGHT IN OVER £40,000 WORTH OF BUSINESS as well as learning a huge amount about myself in the process.

- Lisa Baker


Together we have collapsed the timeline, started a new business, transformed my mindsets, nailed my social media profile, set up new business systems, rebranded, raised my rates, refocused my offerings, taken on new staff & transformed my own personal profile: all in 9 months.

- Adrian Stone



For Others


6 Month Private Coaching Programme: £20,000

Payment plan options available.

If this is beyond your current investment level, check out my Group Coaching Programme, Money Beautifully.

The next step is to apply for a discovery call where we will explore your goals, your fears and what's holding you back, and whether I am the right coach for you.


I work with both entrepreneurial women & men, as well as those in corporate looking to make the leap or thinking about what's next. My clients are all over the world from Canada, to South Africa, from Hong Kong to Australia, the US to the UK. Many are from the creative and coaching worlds, but I also work with women in finance, tech and wellbeing. What they have in common is that they are brave, strong people determined to fulfil their potential in life & make a difference in this world.

I also work with people who are ready to find their purpose and create a business around their passion, and those ready for big change across the board of their life.

I only work with very few selected clients who are ready to really go for it in life.

Apply below and if I feel we could be a fit we will schedule a time to connect.

  • BA (Hons) Psychology
  • 3 Years High Level Coaching Training with Gina Devee
  • Certified Divine Living Master Coach
  • Divine Living Dare To Inspire Award for Extraordinary Growth & Reaching Multiple Six Figures in Coaching Business
  • 14 years Entrepreneurial experience, 4 years Coaching Experience
  • 25 years Personal Development & Life Experience
  • Advanced Theta Healer; Certifications: Manifesting & Abundance; Family Ties, Game of Life, Growing your Relationships: You & Your Significant Other , Intuitive Anatomy, Dig Deeper.
  • Reiki Healer, Qualified for Mensa, Named one of PDN's Rising Stars.

“After 2 months of implementing Polly's teachings, I was able to have my first $21,000 month in my coaching business”

Signing up for Polly's 6 month coaching program is the biggest investment, hands down, that I have ever made in myself and in my business.

I had been thinking of working with her for over a year as I was so drawn to her approach, her calm, her boundaries, and her unapologetic attitude for living life on her own terms. These were all things I was doing in baby steps, but I knew I needed rapid growth and expansion to really press me forward.

Polly helped guide me through the structures and systems to setting up a coaching business as well as helping me identify and work through blocks I had about being seen and being consistent.

She also helped me set strong boundaries in work and in home life that have served me so completely.

AFTER 2 MONTHS OF IMPLEMENTING POLLY'S TEACHINGS, I WAS ABLE TO HAVE MY FIRST $21,000 MONTH IN MY COACHING BUSINESS! I couldn't believe it, and I was ready to go on and take on even more!

One of just the many amazing things about Polly is her ability to help you get present, celebrate yourself, and really own all the amazing things we do in our businesses every day. Each call I would come away with ideas, feeling light and peaceful, and more determined than ever to live the life of my dreams.

Thank you Polly! You helped me so much it's been hard to put into words. OUR TIME TOGETHER IS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS IN SUPPORTING MYSELF I HAVE EVER MADE.

- D'Arcy Benincosa


“I completely reworked my schedule, set boundaries with clients, increased my rates and I've been more visible in my business than ever before!”

When I started working with Polly, I had just had my first $10K month and found myself hitting some serious upper limits. I was feeling overworked with my client load and questioning whether I could do it again, without burning out. I knew I needed support from a masterful coach to help me push through. Polly helped me stay laser-focused on my goals so that I could keep moving forward on a weekly basis, without the overwhelm of everything I thought needed to happen next. After just 4 sessions, I had a $14K month and have gone on to hit consistent $10K+ months with a manageable number of clients.

More importantly, we worked through the self-worth issues and visibility blocks that were causing me to discount my services and had me playing small. As a result, I COMPLETELY REWORKED MY SCHEDULE, SET BOUNDARIES WITH CLIENTS, INCREASED MY RATES AND I’VE BEEN MORE VISIBLE IN MY BUSINESS THAN EVER BEFORE! I now do regular webinars and videos -- and no longer fear being judged or criticized for what I have to say. (My theta healing session was absolutely incredible!)

I go about my days with MORE EASE and I've completely fallen back in love with my business.


- Cara Rice


“My experience of coaching with Polly was amazing and genuinely life-changing”

So much shifted and changed for me, and I achieved so much in such a short space of time, it’s hard to put into words!

We went into the programme with three goals – to help me gain clarity whether to move my family to France or stay in the UK, (a decision we had been struggling with for years) to re-brand and re-launch my business with a new website and pricing (also been faffing with/putting off for years!), and to start to deal with my mindset biggies – indecision, procrastination and perfectionism.

Working through the reasons why I procrastinate and dealing with those fears has given me a HUGE SENSE OF FREEDOM & CONFIDENCE to go out there and be me, and bring my unique gifts and skills to the world -without worrying what people will think, or if I am good enough.

Within days of starting the programme, I had INCREDIBLE CLARITY on what my true desires were around the idea of moving, and within a few months we had put an offer in on my dream home in France (which we just moved to!!)

I have no doubt that the positive habits and mindset shifts that started on the programme will have a PROFOUND EFFECT ON THE REST OF MY LIFE

- Katy Lunsford

Ready to find out more?

Apply for a clarity call where I will help you get clear on where you are at, what you want to achieve and what's standing in your way. Together we will decide if I am the right mentor & coach for you.